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Since 1982

With the Vision to Produce Best Mattress in Nigeria and Export Quality Mattress, Unifoam Group was Incorporated in the year 1981. The Unifoam Group started its activity as a single plant in Ilorin Kwara State of Nigeria under the brand of UNIFOAM for Production of Mattress. UNIFOAM Mattresses became instantly the top choice of selective clients and hence ranked as the Best Mattress in Nigeria.

Better sleep,

better everything

Thoughtfully designed mattresses and sleep products for your best rest.

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Durable Mattresses

UNIFOAM Group’s mattresses are designed in Nigeria by our award-winning R&D team.

Unifoam products work together to create an exceptionally comfortable experience.

Build the perfect sleep environment

Engineered for comfort

Great sleep is the key to living a great life. That’s why all our products — from Foams, Sheets to Mattresses — are intended to work as a system and designed with comfort in mind.

Innovation with purpose

There’s a science to sleep. Our engineering team leads with innovation, thoughtfully refines every product, and obsesses over every little detail. We work hard so you can rest easy.

Great sleep, made simple

Variety of Mattresses and Foams to suit your Choice, Use and Budget

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Unifoam Mattresses Scientifically Designed for your better sleep

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Build the perfect sleep environment

Unifoam products work together to create an exceptionally comfortable experience.

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